Marketing Real Estate to sell a home or property in the Dahlonega, Cleveland and Dawsonville areas is the beginning of a comprehensive transaction. Knowing the value of your home in relation to your local real estate market and recent sales is very important. Contact us for marketing possiblities for your home or property.


We choose the right marketing strategy for your home

With your input, we will determine your property’s unique characteristics.

Our extensive knowledge of the market and comprehensive research and data, will allow us to determine an appropriate marketing price for your home.

Along with you we will design a marketing strategy that matches your home to the right buyer.

Our many resources, formal and informal networks, state-of-the-art-web marketing, “For Sale” signs, newspaper advertising, target marketing and more, will enable us to create a program that is just right for your home.

Our extensive experience in matching buyers and sellers will help you get the right price for your home.

The potential buyer will be identified and your home will be placed on the Multiple Listing Service within 24 hours.

It will simultaneously be placed on and

A for sale sign will be placed on the property.

We will hold a Broker’s luncheon if appropriate.

Flyers will be mailed to Target Buyers.

You will receive monthly written progress reports.

Marketing your Home

Your home will be made immediately available to all Brokers through various Multiple Listing Services. Exposure to, REALTOR. COM, and all other national and international links– calls and e-mails will go directly to the listing agent.

Virtual tour of your home on MaximumOneRealtors web site—buyers will be able to “walk through your home” on their computers, exposing your home to buyers all over the world.

Local newspaper advertising.

Determination of target buyers for mailings and marketing.

Web page designed for e-mail able link to clients and Brokers.

Flyers/Postcards mailed to area residents and local Realtors.

For Sale sign on property.

Open Houses for the public, Realtor Open Houses.

Internal office promotions.

Continuous status reports.

Comprehensive Web Exposure

The MaximumOneRealtors properties depending upon the various marketing programs may be found on these web sites